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Today, legal education has to meet not only the requirements of the Bar but also the new needs of trade, commerce and industry, in the context of growing internationalization of the profession. Hence, the Mission of MATS Law School is to contribute to the better preparation of lawyers as they increasingly engage in transnational or global legal practice, and when they pursue careers other than private practice, including governmental, non-governmental, academic and corporate careers.

MATS Law School will be a place of continual activity, and unrelenting vitality. The array of experiences and opportunities that the Law School offers has no parallel in legal education in India. The range of academic and extracurricular activities, along with the variety of faculty and students, will make each day a potential adventure. MATS Law School's commitment to rigorous and exciting legal training is intimately connected to the MATS University's commitment to path breaking scholarship. Using a wide range of methodologies and bringing to bear insights from numerous other academic disciplines, the faculty of MATS Law School will plumb the depths of everything.

MATS Law School is a place for people who love ideas because ideas make a difference, who want to think about the law's interaction with public policy, who care about how things work and how to improve them, who wish to avail themselves of the diverse opportunities that the legal profession offers to serve the public. We assure you that at MATS Law School, the study of law will not be an arid intellectual exercise. If you are a student here, the School will expect much of you; from the very first day of class, it will challenge you to think and do things you didn't know you could. It will reward you by exposing you to ideas that will captivate and inspire you, by teaching you skills and ways of thought that will serve as the foundation of your career.

Location: Courses Running in Main Campus, Gullu Aarang.


At MATS LAW SCHOOL, the aim of our 5 year BBA.LL.B. (Honours) Degree Program is to create lawyers who are comfortable and skilled in ‘dealing’ with the differing legal systems and cultures that make up our global community while remaining strong in one’s own national legal system. The MATS LAW SCHOOL students will be trained to specialize in international trade practices, comparative law, conflict of laws, international human rights law, environmental law, gender justice, space law, biomedical law, bio-ethics, international advocacy etc. They will also acquire a general knowledge of American, English, and European Union legal system apart from a working knowledge of official languages of the United Nations like Arabic, French, Russian and Chinese.


To provide opportunities for students to know the contemporary developments in various fields of Law, the single credit courses are also introduced. This is done without disturbing the regular schedule of teaching. These courses comprise of 12 hour lectures spread over a week. This also facilitates the nation's otherwise busy leading professionals and academics from foreign universities to teach at the Law School. These are intensive courses and focus on highly specialized areas of Law. The grades obtained in these courses are incorporated in the final transcript of the candidates.

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Raipur | American diplomat Ms. Beth Brownson's recent visit to Raipur offered a rare opportunity to the students of the MATS Law School to learn about various aspects of the US legal system from an American legal expert. As part of MATS Law School's continuing effort to expose the students to the working of various foreign legal systems.


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