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The MATS School of Sciences aims to offer programs in the frontier areas relevant to the needs of twenty first century science & technology. The school will play leading role in imparting world class teaching, learning, training and research opportunities in basic sciences . The basic science courses shall be framed by eminent teachers and scientists to cover modern science and technology aspects. The students will equip themselves to avail the teaching and research facilities in scientific organizations, industries and universities of the country and abroad.

Under these courses, the specializations will be offered in selected science subjects at Post graduation level. Advanced knowledge will be imparted in the chosen subjects which will lead to teaching, research, or industrial profession. In addition to the regular subjects (like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany) some newer subjects like Nano-Science & Technology, Software Engineering, Computational Mathematics, Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics, Environmental and Non-conventional Energy Sciences will also be undertaken at M. Sc. level.

Location: Courses Running in City Campus Pandri Raipur.

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