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IIT Bombay Remote Center

MATS School of Information Technology (MSIT) is the Remote Centre for IIT Bombay under the T10kT project of National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT). This project envisions empowerment of teachers and students, through workshops conducted for thousands of teachers and students at one go, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy. The project is funded by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Government of India. IIT Kharagpur is working as a partner institute with IIT Bombay under this project.

IIT Bombay Remote Center

A Remote Center acts as the intermediary between IIT Bombay and the participating teachers during the workshop. It is usually a reputed engineering college, with high academic standards, excellent infrastructure and good faculty with expertise and experience of handling workshop subjects, to guide the participants in Lab work. IIT Kharagpur is also declared as a partner institution for these initiatives.

Remote Center ID : 1526

Reasons for GIST being selected as a Remote Center of IIT Bombay

  • The Remote Center (RC) MSIT is usually a reputed IT hub with good facility and infrastructure.
  • MSIT acts as a host for the virtual classroom environment created by A-VIEW.
  • The participant can attend the workshop in a RC close to his/her place. The RC minimizes the logistics of travel, boarding and lodging.

IIT Bombay Remote Center

  • MSIT is centrally located in the centre of the city with easy communication facilities.
  • MSIT has a well equipped classroom and labs with broadband internet connection, for a minimum of 80 participants.
  • The classroom and labs should be equipped with overhead projector with minimum 12×9 feet screen.
  • The venue on where workshop will be conducted, is equipped with professional audio system.
  • Sufficient UPS to sustain Power if main line fails due to any issue.