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Chancellor's Message

Dear Achievers,
We are witnessing a phenomenal change In the education scenario. The chance has been both in terms of the content as well as the reach. The trend has been to instill the element of excellence in every field. The best in every field of knowledge is being made available for the progress of the country. There has been a great spurt in the number of universities and colleges catering to millions of aspirants. In fact, this has been a very crucial moment for us in taking important and far reaching decisions to provide what is much needed for the students of the country.

We are aware of the needs of our country to make her a knowledge based super power in the next decade or two. With this in view, we have stepped in to meet the present day academic milieu for the student community. The idea is to create opportunities in various fields by incorporating latest specialties of learning, which would cater to the critical needs of the industry and economy. We foresee a close interaction among the universities, industries, business houses and association in modeling the content and skills. This will make education more and more vocational and skill based. This will surely result in better employability and greater productivity ultimately contributing to the nation's economy.

The latest advances in technology and communication have provided a great impetus in designing and delivering innovative ways of learning. Distance learning and virtual education hove been a boon in enlisting thousands of hitherto wasted human potential into useful, skillful, employable citizens.

Yet another futuristic guidepost for the respective generations is the field of Entrepreneurship. Join Group of Institutions, through its remarkable new child, MATS University, aims at crafting and nurturing budding entrepreneurs who would eventually build a new-fangled knowledge society that contributes towards the national cause.

Friends, We invite you to join us in our endeavor to create a knowledge based information society that fortifies the Intellectual, Physical, Mental and Spiritual dimensions of individuals.

Best Wishes

Shri Gajraj Pagariya
Chancellor, MATS University