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What kills Start-Ups?

1- Competition: This is a world of getting ahead of others, word hard and give your best. These days’ people don’t have patience to wait for the fruit to come. Patience level is not there. 2- Wrong timings: Timing; that’s what business owners don’t think of, long term is what majority of them don't think of. If you want your startup to go public one day or make it a legacy for your children, then plan wisely for long-term even if you have to miss some tempting opportunities that doesn’t for in you big vision 3- Funding: In most of the cases when the startup is setup, it results in a lot of funding. Cost effectiveness is an important consideration while you plan to increase your firm to a higher level. High costs with relatively minor consequences obviously aren’t worth spending a lot of time worrying about. 4- Poor idea with execution: Most of the start-ups in masses do spectacular mistakes which leads to flameouts. People are often mistaken about taking it easy. They feel that start-up is a cup of tea which can be done in leisure time or by just giving some attention will make it success. 5- Investment criterion: When investors come to invest in your business, always give them enough value as they might have useful insights but not to an extent where they start to have control over your business. 6- Silly mistakes: The next mistake is generally what people do everyday – the little things that often seem to go wrong, but whose impacts are easy enough to minimize through straightforward changes in behaviour. 7- Lack of creativity: People have this eagerness to commence a start-up but least interested in thinking out of the box and come up with something new.